Les Chemin des Femmes

A Cappella, Circle Songs, Vocal Improvisation

Born as a chorus of women from different cultural and geographical origins, the Chemin des Femems have built their own autonomous and enthralling musical experience made of improvisation, polyrhythm, circle songs and vocal polyphony. Live and sharing with the public are the key moments of the project. Among the original productions, they staged the play AKUS – a musical work for warrior women, while in 2015 the album Le Chemin des Femmes – There is something in the voice that resists is recorded. The choir saw over 50 singers from at least fifteen countries alternate: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Morocco, Moldova, Ukraine, Argentina, United States of America, Spain (Basque Country), UK, Croatia, Italy. The choir unites professionals and non-professionals, women of different generations, age, social backgrounds, religions and cultures.

Le Chemin des Femmes – Umano

Le Chemin des Femmes – Pratello R’esiste

Le Chemin des Femmes – Tango della femminista

Le Chemin des Femmes – La tammuriata del brigante

Le Chemin des Femmes