A one night long vocal performance

Elementary is an evocation of the rite through song, an uncertain pact around the paths that words trace when they are modeled in music. Elementary is a temporary alliance between the public and artists, called to share the time of a night. In a space equipped for sleep, a provisional community takes shape, founded on the desire to live together on a ridge, a transitory moment that will be made to last for hours. A song addressed to the night, as a time of suspension and subversion, a celebration of waiting in which the coming dawn becomes the figure of a crossing. Six voices that are consumed slowly, the exercise of a presence without certain boundaries between artists and the public, words that become declamations, silence, lists, echoes: these are the primary elements through which an attempt is made to construct a shared poetic space. While a vocabulary is slowly formed, almost a collective prayer, while the gesture of lighting a symbolic fire is made in the space between us and the others, Elementare gives voice to the desire to declare: we are here. What makes us sing for a whole night? The risk, the duration, the effort, the agreement that precedes the understanding, the invisible bond, the gathering, the change, the hospitality, the waiting, the awakening, and the silence.

Elementare – Teaser

Elementare – Performance vocale di una notte

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